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Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are the small files, downloaded to your computer when you visit or register to a website. It is a common practice that is used by almost all the professional websites. They are used to gather the user’s information; and then using this information to improve user experience. These cookies will be stored inside your web browser in the file format.

What is the purpose of using Cookies?

The purpose of storing the cookies in your computer is to keep track of your visits and activities by the website. Keeping the record of your most recent visit and your login information are the common examples of using the cookies by websites.

How to Disable Cookies?

You can check your Browser Help Menu to know how to disable the cookies. By adjusting the settings on your browser, you can prevent these cookies. Disabling cookies will affect the features of this site and many other websites as well; and this thing you should keep in mind while doing so.

Do we use Cookies?

We use cookies to remember your details for future correspondence that whether you’ve registered on this website or not. These details contain the data that you submit through a form.

We also use cookies provided by the trusted third parties in some specific cases. They are generally used to track the pages you visit and how much time you spend on the website. We use all this information to produce engaging content for you.

More Information

Generally, cookies are safe and they do not affect your computer by transferring viruses or malware. If you still have any doubt or problem with the cookies used by a website, then you can stop these cookies from being stored in your computer. But you need to consider this thing that preventing cookies may degrade or disable certain functionalities and elements of the site.

Sometimes, you are not sure that whether you need the cookies or not for the service being used by you. In that case, it is recommended for you to leave on all the cookies.

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