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Hair Transplant in Jaipur

Jaipur has been always a great tourist place since ages due to its connection with royal old-time charms of the Rajahs and their lavish lifestyles. Every year it attracts a huge number of NRI tourists. To maintain the system in alliance to the NRI tourists, the technology is upgraded to optimum. While travelling to Jaipur you can never feel that you are deprived of any kind of modern facility.

In India, there are many medical treatments which are cheap as compared to other countries. Out of many, there is one which is hair transplant in Jaipur. Besides being cost effective, hair transplant treatment in Jaipur is a permanent, safe and effective solution to hair fall/loss and baldness. Increasing stress in life is affecting our emotional and mental health, which adversely affect our eating habits and ultimately that affects our physical health.

There can be many reasons for you becoming bald like genetic disorder, sleep patterns, eating habits, over styling, overheating and coloring, diseases like thyroid, medications, pregnancy, stress, chemotherapy, birth control pills, ageing, crash diets and many more. The exact reason can be known only after a proper diagnosis. As the decision of choosing hair transplant treatment depends on the result of the diagnosis. It’s very crucial to find a well certified and experienced doctor for this, so find the best hair transplant clinic in Jaipur.

Best hair transplant doctors in Jaipur also offer various methods, from which you can use which method you want to go for like FUE Hair transplant Jaipur, FUT hair transplant Jaipur, DHI, PRP. All methods have different ways to perform and the cost changes as well. So choosing the best technique that suites you is in your hands.

Hair transplant or hair transplantation is still seen as a cosmetic surgery. The common perception is that hair transplants are made only by those people who want to look beautiful with their bald cover. But this is not true. There is a very strong relation between hair and body. Growing hair and falling again is a natural process for the body. Hair is the important part of our personality

How to treat Hair Loss or Baldness

Do not fall prey to Advertisements
Nowadays, it is common for adults to lose hair strands quickly. However, not everyone is able to treat this problem properly. People often go out shopping after seeing an advertisement of a hair care product in a journal or television magazine. The market is full of cosmetics products that claim to reduce hair loss, stop and regenerate them, in most cases, they prove unsuccessful, Shampoo, herbs, medicines, laser lights etc. and wasteful of time and money.

Why is Hair Transplant Recommended?

Hair transplants Jaipur are proving to be beneficial for millions. According to a research conducted by many research institutes, 6 million people who were suffering from baldness preferred Hair transplant treatment.

Choosing the Right Technique

Hair transplantation is an effective way with which you can get natural hair on your head. In this process, the hair from the backside of the head is implanted on the head where the patches of baldness appear. The latest technologies that have come up in hair transplantation are called Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Separation Extraction (FUSE) Or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The cases that seem impossible are handled through FUTH and FUSE when all kind of medications fail. This modern technique also does not require hospitalization.

How it Works

In FUT technique, a strip of hair is removed from the back of the head and it is implanted in the part of the head where baldness occurs. The whole process is accomplished with the help of magnetizing technology. This complete work is done with the help of a sharp knife and local anaesthesia. The incision in the head is healed in one week. And the good news is this that newly grown hair is always with you.

FUE does not require any stitches, it painless, no cut, no scar method. This is a fairly safe way in which there is no chance of any kind of mark. In this hair follicles are removed one by one. This process takes up to 4 to 6 hours depending upon a number of grafts to be transplanted. After the procedure, the patient should follow the guidelines of the Hair Transplant Therapist.

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