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Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi

Hair Transplant Doctors in Delhi

Dr. Megha Singh

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Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi

Hair Transplant in Delhi

Nowadays, People in Delhi are visiting Hairdoctors.in to have hair transplant treatment. The numbers are growing and the reason can be many, depending on the circumstances, lifestyle, and family's medical history that result in hair loss and other hair related problems. Hair Transplant in Delhi can be a costly affair depending on patient's medical condition. Hair Loss treatment is the solution to refueling yourself with confidence as hairs add charisma to our overall personality.

Did you know? A lot of people under 30 are facing baldness issues and its growing day-by-day making it a worrisome problem. Thanks to medical advancements, Hair Doctors has solutions for your hair problems like special hair loss treatments, FUE Hair Transplant, FUT Hair Transplant and so on Hair Transplantation surgeries to help you look good and rebuild your confidence.

FUE Hair Transplant

Until you don't lose all your hairs, there are many medical methods that can help you prevent the hair loss further and restore the hair grows back to the normal. It's not an easy task as it may seem. We have to treat your medical history including family's medical background thoroughly and pin-pint the main factors that are actually causing the hair problems in your body.

We have heard a lot of horror stories how people suffering from baldness gave in to depression because it restricted them to a limited social life, and many of them failed to find a suitable life partner, either. Hair loss is not treated can make you bald and can really give you a trauma to deal with throughout your remaining life.

Some people lose hair due to genes, while most people suffer hair loss due to excessive hair styling; i.e., they use harsh products on their hairs that affect them negatively and they tend to hurt their hair scalp resulting in hair fall. Not every hair products are for everyone. Since ever person's body is different, it's better if they use the products recommended by the dermatologist after examining their hair conditions.

Moreover, there are those people too having healthy and thick hair with perfect hair growth even though their fathers are bald. As mentioned earlier, there are many factors in hair loss, and only real dermatology experts can guide you better.

Hair Doctors offers easy EMI options to people in Delhi who can't afford expensive treatments like FUE, FUT, Body Hair Transplant, and Gigga sessions. We serve people of all age groups. Hence, don't waste time and book your appointment before it's too late for you to recover your hair loss.

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Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

Approx hair grafts Minimum Cost Maximum Cost Approx Session Time (in Hours)
Up to 1000 Hair Grafts Rs.30,000/- Rs.35,000/- 4-5
Above 1000 - 1500 Hair Grafts Rs.35,000/- Rs.52,500/- 5
Above 1500 - 2000 Hair Grafts Rs.52,500/- Rs.70,000/- 6
Above 2000 - 2500 Hair Grafts Rs.70,000/- Rs.87,500/- 7
Above 2500 - 3000 Hair Grafts Rs.87,500/- Rs.1,05,000/- 8
Above 3000 - 3500 Hair Grafts Package Package 9
Above 3500 - 4000 Hair Grafts Package Package 9-10
PRP per Session Rs.4000/- Rs.5000/- 1
Disclaimer: Please NOTE that the above quoted hair transplant/PRP Therapy cost is just an indication for the cost in Delhi.

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