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FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT is another therapy that is Follicular unit oriented. FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation where a group of naturally occurring hairs is transferred from a dense appearance site to a bald site.

This is a 4 steps process

  • Removing the strip: The strip of skin containing donor hairs is removed from the scalp leaving behind a 1 mm scar. This scar is almost invisible.
  • Cutting the strips: The strip is cut into silvers /slices using a micro scope
  • Cutting the grafts: The silvers contain single row of follicular units which is further cut into individual follicular unit grafts
  • Incision & Placement: Finally an incision is made on the bald site and the follicles are placed with the help of a micro lancet. The incision size depends on the amount of follicles to be transferred

As the grafts settles in the skin they get a homely environment & start re-growth delivering you a healthy and natural hair growth. This process does not require any bandages and you may touch the implant with your hands. Though after some time few hair bulbs may fall out but the original implants are safe inside the scalp. The process is also less time taking and has assured results which make it the customer's choice. Though like every other medical surgery the therapy demands expert supervision for effective results.

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