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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The method of transplanting your own hair from a dense growth area to an area affected with baldness is known as a hair transplant. It is a permanent method of hair restoration.

You must be 23 years or above

Anyone who has a permanent hair loss

Stable supply of donor hair

You must not be on a drug that induces hair loss

As per the natural growth period, the hairs start growing within 3-4 months. However, the full growth can be expected after 10-12 months.
Both the methods are hair transplantation methods. While in Strip method a whole strip of skin bearing hairs is extracted and implanted, FUE concentrates on single unit follicles transplantation.
Hairs grow in a group of follicular units. The units may be 3-5 follicles and are implanted the same way to get better natural looking hair growth.
A local anesthesia is used before performing the hair transplant. Hence, it is not painful.
No, it does not affect rest of your hair as the process extracts micro units with essential care which leave a negligible effect on your scalp and hair growth.
This process does not demand you to stay back. You may leave the clinic after a few hours. However you are advised to restrain from any physical activity till one week.
If the doctor's advices are followed strictly then there are negligible side effects noticed. Though, in some patients allergy and scarring may occur to some extent.
A typical hair surgery that involves 1500-3000 grafts implantation which takes a complete day to be executed.

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