Some Important facts that you Don’t know about FUE Hair Transplant

Fue grafting

ThisFueof an individual’s follicular units of hair which takes place under local anaesthesia.  It is also a micro elimination type of procedure by using tiny punches of between 0.6mm and 1.0mm in diameter. This procedure can last many hours and this also depends on the quantity of hairs which needs to be transplanted. In other words, FUE transplant from separate parts of body or hair transplant from the scalp to other parts of body may have varying prices based on the complication of the case in question.

The surgeon lays the extracted grafts in a predetermined outline during the procedure, and this holds a hair prototype well. FUE is a procedure which is more time consuming than strip surgery but also known to vary as regards the surgeon’s expertise, harvesting accuracy and other considerations. FUE procedures have restriction on application from patients through the Fox test but there have been some debates about the effectiveness of this screening for FUE.

The FUE transplant cost in India is still on the high side because of the surgical instruments used and the duration of the procedure but it can actually give patients very natural results after the surgical procedure. The merits of FUE over strip harvesting is that it voids the need for harvesting huge areas of scalp tissue and so the back of the head experiences no linear incision neither is any scar behind. The total cost of the hair transplant surgery in India is still quite on the high side but then again it is basically determined by the number of grafts required; which differs from person to person depending upon the area of baldness as it relates to the head of the patient. This is done through a very simple formula, it can be arrived at: the total cost of the hair transplant = Relative No. of Grafts X Price per graft. There are relatively a few hair transplant doctors in India who are highly experienced in the art of FUE procedure and they operate their own private clinics or operate in conjunction with other private doctors offering such services.  However the list is growing by the day and the cost of undergoing such surgeries will in no time begin to drop allowing for a larger number of people to access the options available.