Hair Transplant is a Boon Not for Men, But for Women As Well


There’s a misconception in the Indian society that women can’t go for hair transplant as the people will notice it quickly and will notify others to create rumors. There’s no denial for such cases, but gone are the days when it happened and women suffering from hair loss had to adjust with their condition because the so called society’s ego would get hurt.

Few years before women used to cover the bald patches on the head because they feared if anyone comes to know of the hair transplant thing or noticed it, they can bully them or pass filthy and ugly comments, which would hurt their self-confidence.

Since the modernization of India, the scenario is changing and women are becoming bold to nurture their looks and consider advanced medical hair loss treatment.

The cause of hair loss in women is because of their genes mainly. But the modern lifestyle also contributes hugely that can result in hair loss.

Below are some of the most common factors that result in hair loss in women;

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Anemia
  3. Thyroid
  4. Stress
  5. Significant Illness
  6. Medications like chemotherapy for cancer

At Hair Doctors, a lot of women come for hair transplant in Hyderabad to regain their lost confidence. Before starting the medical procedure, we start to go through the medical history and examine the areas where the bald patterns are made and how many grafts would it require to do treatment with positive results produced.

After thoroughly examining we either recommend FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) surgeries. Both are different treatments for different conditions, and it’s important to know the difference and which one should be best for you considering your medical condition and the budget.

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