Important Facts About Hair Loss And Its Causes

hair loss

Hair fall is common after a certain age but if hair starts falling prematurely and that a symptom of hair loss, it means that you have started hair related problem already. The main reasons for hair loss include fatigue, skin stiffness, lack of appetite, constipation, numbness in the body, lack of sperms, and frequent infections. For these reasons, the hair fall types are fixed. Let’s know about the causes and types of hair falling. There is a lot of reason for hair fall, sometimes due to any illness, hair loss due to inherited disease. Premature hair loss means you are suffering from some or other health-related problem. It can be anything like improper diet or some medications, ongoing treatment like chemotherapy; any trauma of any kind is also the main reason for hair fall. Hair loss falls due to decrease in blood circulation. Malnutrition or even the diabetics suffer from hair fall soon, not taking care of the hair.
Let’s discuss some of the major reasons for hair fall/ baldness in women

PCOS: In this condition, male hormones or androgen is distributed in excess quantities and they form the structure of small liquid bags in ovaries called cyst. This is due to the hormones imbalance in your body which negatively affects your hair growth. In this, you will see that hair is growing on your body, there is less hair on your head.

Anaemia: Anemia occurs due to the lack of the iron element in your diet. Many women become prey to anaemia due to excess bleeding in menstruation or due to lack of folic acid in the body. As a result of this haemoglobin production is low; this results in less oxygen in your organs. When oxygen does not reach your hair follicles then they become weak and easily break down. As a result, the hair starts falling.

Menopause: When a woman reaches the age of menopause, then there are many changes in her body, of which the hair fall is also there. This happens because the levels of estrogen in the body decrease, as a result, they start falling. So use the gentle shampoo and condition them and eat the proper diet.

Labour: Many women have to cope with the problem of hair loss after delivery. This happens because the estrogen release is very high during pregnancy, due to which the hair increases very much. But after the birth of the baby, hormones come to their normal level due to which the hair starts falling. But it is a temporary condition and hair growth comes to its normal state after a few weeks.

Protein deficiency: Our hair is made from proteins called keratin. When we do not take a protein-rich diet, this deficiency is accomplished with our body, which causes hair to weaken. Due to the weakening of hair, they start falling before time. (Read: Use these 5 Vegetable Packs to prevent hair loss)

Pharmaceuticals: Women who consume birth control medicines, if they stop using them suddenly, they may have to deal with the consequences of hair fall. Hair may fall due to chemotherapy too.

Weight loss: Poor diet and very weight loss done quickly, can affect hair growth. This is because of diet, your body does not get the required nutrients or you do not eat some foods that it affects your hair growth.

Diseases such as thyroid, autoimmune diseases: In our autoimmune diseases, our body seems to build antibodies against our body cells and tissues only. They also attack the hair and other parts of the body, which can result in hair loss.

Any serious illness: Different diseases such as psoriasis, diabetes (diabetes) can also be a cause of hair fall. Diabetes affects the body’s circulation system adversely. This means that the part of the body, such as the toes of the feet and the scalp does not get enough nutrients and oxygen. If blood flow to the scalp due to diabetes decreases then hair follicles dies, resulting in hair loss. Psoriasis is a skin disease that affects the skin of the skin and hair follicles too.

Few Steps that will promote hair growth.

  • Take light-light massage of hair with coconut oil or almond oil for 1-15 minutes. After this, soak the towels in light hot water and wrap them on the hair. Keep it for 2-3 minutes. This consistently strengthens hair roots by continuously for a few days.
  • Well balanced diet enriched with protein and lots of water consumption
  • Cook aloe Veera in coconut oil for 5 minutes and mix it with onion juice, apply this regularly. There are tons of home remedies for hair growth that you can do.

Thus, the diet plays a vital role in maintaining healthy skin and having great hair. Protein, Water and Sleep also can help in promoting hair growth.

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